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Vintage Fiestaware Nesting Bowl Set Red




Vintage fiesta nesting bowls for sale




Vintage Fiestaware Pottery Nesting Mixing Bowls For Sale




VIntage Fiestaware Nesting Bowl Sets in all colors for sale




Vintage fiestware nesting bowls set








Vintage Fiestaware Red NEsting bowl with early inside bottom rings circa 1937




fiestaware nesting bowls



#1 RED (1): MINT
vintage fiestaware mixing bowls redRINGS ON THE INSIDE BOTTOM:

#1 IVORY (2): MINT
One small scratch on the outside of the bowl is the only human contact you will find on this perfect #1 Ivory Fiesta Nesting Mixing Bowl. In all my years of collecting Fiesta this is the nicest #1 Ivory I have ever seen, not an easy bowl to find, this will please even the most advanced collector.


#1 RED (3): MINT
PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. It's not often you get to say that about a piece of fiestaware, but this little beauty deserves a name. Thick rich glaze, without problems. The red #1 is the perfect way to finish the set and it's worth it to do it in perfect style. Guaranteed to thrill you.

fiesta number one nesting bowl, cobaltWonderful Cobalt #1 Fiesta Nesting Bowl in the smallest size. This little beauty is a great way to finish off your nesting set. It has a couple small flakes to the glaze on the bottom of the bowl where it sits, but no problems where it counts - the rim is great and the inside is flawless. Not a scratch to be found, super smooth and shiny inside, which is just what your looking for in the number one size bowl. No glaze problems, no use or wear. You will be very pleased with this hard to find #1 cobalt fiestaware bowl.

Excellent, 1937, #1 Vintage Fiestaware Nesting Bowl. No chips or cracks. Looks near mint with a great rich even glaze and the early rings on the inside bottom, on the #1 - where they count. Small scratch on inside bottom and factory glaze was probably double dipped, or thickly dipped. There is a ridge of overlapping glaze you can feel on the inside of the bowl. Does not negatively effect the value of this bowl. May have a 1/16" repair on rim. If you're looking for a show off #1 bowl in the smallest size and the most desirable color, priced right, this bowl is for you.

I just love to have the rings on the inside bottom of the #1 mixing bowl and they are so hard to find. Here's a chance to have wonderful little yellow #1. This one shows gentle wear on the bottom inside rings, but only along the edges of a few of the rings and only on part of them. There's a glaze flake on the outside bottom edge, but it's minor too. This bowl from 1937 has been gently used over the last seventy two years (Vintage Fiesta is becoming antique!). There are no chips or cracks on the bowl, no touchups or repairs and a nice even glaze. Pricing right for it's rarity and, as always, guaranteed satisfaction.


#2 GREEN (1): MINT
Absolutely no damage or use on this #2 Original Green Nesting bowl. Perfect even glaze inside and out. Glaze misses on the bottom, but they aren't seen. Not a scratch to be found, so it's a perfect bowl that will surely please anyone with its like new condition.

Here's a nearly perfect #2 vintage fiestaware turquoise nesting bowl with the early pre-1938 rings on the inside bottom. This bowl exhibits no human flaws and only a minor, fully glazed over glaze pop on the outside edge of the rim, and one small, also minor, sandbump on the inside bottom. The rings are gorgeous, with no wear, there are no chips, cracks, or resotrations. The glaze is wonderfully even in the temperamental turquoise. No scratches inside or out and great shine make this a fantasitic find.

Unused, without a trace of damage, no scratches, no dings, no restoration, only a glaze skip near the bottom of the bowl that is less than 1/2" long and 1/4" wide, and two glaze pops. If you like unused bowls then you will love this one. Shiny as the day it was made. Display is great with the perfect rim and smooth interior. Turquoise is vibrant and strong.

Only minor scratches keep me from calling this great cobalt fiesta nesting bowl purr-fect. Great even glaze and super shine, a perfect rim and interior and fabulous color inside and out. Cobalt in this condition is a treasure — just fantastic.

RINGS ON THE INSIDE BOTTOM: This red, early, #2 fiestaware nesting bowl with its great rings on the inside bottom is in very good condition. It has four small shallow flakes in the glaze. Three on the edge of the rim and one on the inside. These are light dings into the outer gloss of the glaze and are minor. Otherwise the rings are perfect inside with no wear, there are no scratches or silver marks, the glaze is thick and rich and even without errors. A great early bowl if you like the rings and the red.

vintage fiestaware bowls mixingRINGS ON THE INSIDE BOTTOM
Love the rings on the bottoms of bowls, guaranteeing it's production to 1937 or very early 1938. This yellow #2 fiestaware nesting bowl has scattered sand bumps on the bottom, a small glaze skip on the outer edge of the rim and very light use, otherwise it has no chips or cracks or restorations and is in very good condition with minimal use and mostly factory character. Priced with these very minor apologies in mind at a reasonable $135, not $165 for a mint #2 with the rings.


Not a single chip or ding on this gorgeous #2 vintage fiestaware yellow nesting bowl. One scratch on the outside and perhaps some very gentle use, but no silver marks, no damage. Nice bright glaze. Looks unused inside with no wear or scratching, just a fine bowl that will surely please you.


It's hard to find the Ivory bowls with rings on the inside bottom at all, so this condition is good considering the rariety of this particular color dating from 1937. This ivory #2, with the bottom rings has one surface glaze flake along the inside upper rim. Just the glaze is worn, showing the pottery underneath. This bowl was gently used and shows wear to the smallest 1st ring of the 5 concentric rings that decorate these early bowls. Other than that, if you've been hoping to find some early ivory fiesta bowls with the bottom rings than you'll be happy to have found this one. Priced accordingly and overly analyzed.

There are a few small and light spots from use along the rim, but no scratches from use on the inside (leads me to believe these are spoon taps). Very minor, seen upon close inspection. Even glaze with only minor variations on one side, very slight and one manufacturing flaw along the outside edge of the rim (feels like a bump under the glaze, smooth and glazed over). This bowl still is in better than average condition with just the minor spoon taps, no ghastly chips or use or flaws. Priced right!


If early and quality are important to you, then you will appreciate this bowl. With the great 1937 rings on the inside bottom and a fabulous glaze. This bowl is a winner. With only two immeasurable flecks in the glaze this red #4 fiestaware bowl is fantastic. Not a scratch, no chips or use to the rim, small area of glaze shift, flawless surface and shine. Small glaze miss on the bottom, embossed in mold mark, thick glaze, wonderful bowl.

Not a single scratch on this beautiful circa 1937 Fiesta Original Green Nesting Bowl. Wonderful thick, even, consistent glaze makes this the winner for displaying my #3 mixing bowl lid. This bowl has only one, less than 1/16", shallow light ding on its rim. All together a prize bowl with the great even glaze and not a scratch on the interior and exterior.

Fantastic vintage fiestaware, yellow #3 nesting bowl in amazing shape. One small, shallow scratch, measuring 1/8" on the outside of the bowl is the only thing to find to make note of. Otherwise we have a perfect unused yellow number 3 bowl with perfect glaze, no drips or runs, no skips, no human use. The inside looks unused without a scratch. The rim is absolutely perfect and the color bright and shiny and rich. This bowl is fantasic and you're sure to love it.

Yellow bowl with just a few pin sized dings to the outer rim - small, of the 1/16" or less size, must inspect closely to see. Displays great and priced accordingly. Great glaze, no scratches, a couple sandpops on the inside bottom, otherwise no use or scratches inside or out. Smooth and silky bright yellow with no glaze skips or irregularities. Please understand I want you to be happy with your fiestaware, so no hidden surprises and I'm overly critical of what is actually a fine piece of vintage fiestaware in a condition rarely found at auction or antique malls.


It's hard to find red nesting bowls with the rings. Red, which originally contained uranium in the glaze, was actually priced higher than the all the other colors because it was more expensive to make. Here's an excellent, pre 1938 red fiestaware nesting bowl with the great rings on the inside bottom. This bowls shows very gentle use, with no silverware marks on the inside, no chips or cracks, the glaze is nice and even with no unsightly glaze skips and misses. It has a few manufacturing sand bumps on the rim, but no chips from use and no wear to the inside bottom rings. If you love the vibrant red, this bowl is guaranteed to satisfy.

Gorgeous original green Fiesta nesting bowl, with the early inside bottom rings, dating this bowl to pre-1938. Nearly mint, with excellent glaze that's nice and even. Rings on the inside bottom don't show a drop of wear, not a scratch to be found. One glaze pop on the bottom underside edge of the bowl, minor, and one under the glaze yellow/brown spot that is of the 1/16" variety and is factory, under the glaze. Again, anyone else would call this mint, but I know that mint barely exists in these Homer Laughlin bowls and don't want to call anything mint unless it is absolutely unused and came out of the factory perfect. This is close. Sure to please.

If you like your fiestaware mixing bowls in mint condition then you will love this one. Mottled glaze is thick but not unsightly. No scratches, chips, use or wear, no touch ups, no dings. Super shiny, unused bowl. Fabulous & factory mint vintage fiestaware.

Great #4 yellow fiestaware nesting bowl. It has a pair of glaze pops on the inside bottom and one short, minor spot on the underside of the rim where the yellow glaze is thinner, otherwise it's unused without a scratch, which is great to find. Lovely shine and thick, bright yellow glaze, and a perfect damage free rim make this a great factory mint, unused bowl without a scratch. Just super.

Fabulous #4 green fiesta nesting bowl. If you love your fiestaware bowls without human damage then this bowl is for you. Great glaze that is nice and thick and wonderfully even on the inside of the bowl, which is scratch free and displays perfectly. One small 1/2" area along the outside edge of the bowl that has some darker spots, less than the size of a pin, done at the factory under the glaze. A very small area, very minor. Really what we have here is perfect rim and great, scratch free surface. Hard to find green (and turquoise) with such a great glaze. This one will please.

Here's a #4 Turquoise, Fiestaware, Nesting Bowl that looks unused. If you like your bowls minty, this one is sure to satisfy. Not a scratch inside, no use on the rim, great shine and nearly perfect. Slight variation in glaze color on one side, outside of bowl, but nothing ghastly, just typical Homer Laughlin. Love the bright shiny turquoise in this condition. A fabulous bowl for you.

Great looking green, number four, fiestaware nesting bowl with no chips, cracks, no repairs or touch-ups. One sand bump on the inside and some minor glaze variations, moderate, and not distracting. This is a undamaged and unused vintage fiesta bowl that is perfect. You will love the double marked bottom, both inkstamped and in-mold and the absolutely chip and damage free surface. Guaranteed to meet with your satisfaction. You will appreciate the quality of this bowl.

#4 IVORY (1): GOOD

Here's a great turquoise #4 fiesta nesting bowl in super condition. Light use on the inside, very minor, very minor. The rim is perfect, no use marks, no dings, completely smooth to the touch. The glaze is thick and rich and even. There is a glaze flaw near the bottom, on the outside of the bowl. It is factory, under the glaze, a small indentation, something must have bumped into it on it's way through the glazing process, or maybe a sand pebble. It only measures a little over 1/8" and is fully under glaze and hopefully you consider this par for the course with Homer Laughlin. Again, I overly scrutinize everything because I want you to be happy with your fiesta purchase. This bowl is nearly flawless with a great smooth unused looking ring. I'm sure you'll love it - and priced very fair.

This looks like an excellent ivory #4 fiesta nesting bowl. It has one small spoon tap on the outside edge of the upper rim, about 1/16" or less. Inside there are virtually no scratch marks or silverware marks, so it's nice and clean for ivory, showing only a few sand bumps or glaze flecks, very hard to spot with the clean ivory. Nice and unique with the ink stamp and the inmold embossed mark on the bottom. No scratches or glaze irregularities around the outside, smooth and flawles. Only the one mar on the rim, otherwise gentle, light use and well cared for.

I consider this a filler bowl. It has a small chip on the outside rim (3/16"w x a little over 1/16"h), an even smaller chip along the outside bottom of the rim, and a glaze skip on the outside edge (none of these are seen nesting though and were obviously later carlessness on an otherwised loved bowl). Glaze is perfect on this one, smooth, even, no scratches from use or silver marks. Ma


RINGS ON THE INSIDE BOTTOM: This is what you dream of finding –1937, cobalt fiesta nesting bowl, with the early rings in mint condition. Absolutely no chips or cracks or use marks. No scratches inside and just to be safe only one or two very light scratches on the outside. Wonderful glaze, scratch free interior, great rim. A+ on this one.

RINGS ON THE INSIDE BOTTOM: Just love the rings on the inside bottom, especially on sunny yellow! Here's a great bowl with no chips, cracks, repair or use. A fantastic find for the early fiesta nesting bowls. This bowl looks just like it must have the day it left the factory - and it was a good day at Homer Laughlin that day, with no unsightly factory issues. One sand bump on the inside wall, not the bottom, so it's inconspiciously located. Great even glaze and not a scratch. If you like minty bowls then this one is for you.

Here is a lovely Ivory bowl, getting up there in size with the number fives. Lots of creamy white on this fabulous bowl. A couple aged sand bumps on the inside, not quite the bottom, so more obscured and very minor, pin sized, very light wear, barely used. There are no chips and no damage anywhere. The rim is great, smooth to the touch, the glaze is even and clean, no unsightly silver marks or scratches. It's rare to find Ivory in such wonderfully cared for condition.

Very fine, large size, turquoise vintage fiestaware nesting bowl. Wonderful bowl with no chips, no cracks or restoration or touch-ups. Only a few very light scratches inside and only one sandbump on the outside, pinhead sized, very minor. The glaze is thick and even. Heavy, with mostly even spread, slight variations but really only to the most scrutinizing eye. Really what we have hear is a collector quality bowl with no human damage, great shine and rich robin egg blue.

RINGS ON THE INSIDE BOTTOM: There's very little room left to improve on this highly desirable, yellow, Fiesta mixing bowl. Barely a scratch to be found, one shallow 1/16" flake at the very bottom edge. What counts is all perfect, no damage to the rim, or to the inside, thick, bright yellow glaze with excellent even coverage. Bright yellow bowl in a nice large size and with the early, 1937, rings on the bottom this piece of Fiesta is a great find.

It's hard to find cobalt mixing bowls in good shape, no less excellent shape. You will be very pleased with this bowl. It has no chips or cracks or touch ups and is in super condition. Only the lightest of scratches on the inside that are very minimal and one small glaze miss on rims edge. Wonderful cobalt blue glaze clearly marked on the bottom and guaranteed to please.

This is an extremely gently used, well cared for, large, #5 yellow fiestaware bowl. It exhibits flawlessly with no chips, cracks or restoration. No scratches inside or out, a few small glaze skips, on near the bottom of the bowl that is 1/2" x 1/4", and one small hardly noticable spot along the edge of the outside edge that is thin in glaze - all minor factory conditions, as is typical with this depression era West Virginia pottery. Really a spectacular glaze, vibrant sunny yellow without splotches and very clean. If you're looking for a #5 and like yellow, you will be thrilled with this chip free bowl.

It is a great, unbelievable feeling when you find an unused fiestaware nesting bowl, let alone a red one, and a nice large sized on at that. There is a miss under the glaze on the outside of the bowl, smooth to the touch, size of a pencil mark, other than that we are talking a beauty with not a spec of use. No damage to the rim, no dings at all, no scratches. Clean on the inside (3 small sand bumps, light and tiny under the glaze), without a single scratch. Uniquely it has both the impressed factory mark AND the "GENUINE fiesta HLCo USA ink stamp. I've occasionally run across these double marked bowls before and think they are great. This one is as shiny as the day it was made and is a fabulous minty red bowl.

The glaze is even and rich in color. No problems at all with it. The inside is scratch and use free, super clean. There are a couple glaze misses on the bottom of the bowl (the bottom, bottom, not inside), but the mark is wonderful and clear, with three kiln marks. One small ding to the outside edge of the upper ring,keep this one from being mint all the way. We have an unused, flawless green bowl here. You cannot see the ding when the bowl is nested since it is small and on the edge of the rim. You will be thrilled with the spotless condition of this otherwise unused bowl.

Here's a fantastic #5 original green, fiestaware nesting bowl that is sure to please. Not a scratch on this well kept bowl. One tiny, tiny 1/16" nic on the outside edge of the rim that you can hardly find and doesn't show when nested. More important is the excellent glaze, no drips or runs, small lighter spot on outside edge of rim. Great even color and hard to find in such great shape. Clearly marked on the bottom. Again, priced to sell, passing some savings along on this one. Guaranteed to please.



An absolutely gorgeous and large cobalt Fiesta bowl in the harder to find large size, #6. Measures 9 3/4" across. This one has no chips or cracks, no scratching or use marks, no human use. Only a couple of small glaze skips from the factory. Nests perfectly , displays flawlessly. Marked on the bottom with the impressed, in mold mark HLCo symbol, fiesta, MADE IN USA, 6. If you like shiny unused looking cobalt, you know how hard a bowl like this is to find without repairs or damage. I'm sure you'll be very happy to add this one to your collection.

Large vintage fiestaware #6 Ivory nesting bowl in excellent condition. This bowl does have a shallow chip on the bottom of the bowl, but it does not show when in use or on display. This bowl is still in excellent condition without a spec of damage to its rim or elsewhere. Inside there are a few glaze pops with aging, but otherwise a large expanse of clean, creamy gorgeous old ivory. I over criticize. You will be very pleased with such a large, clean, old ivory fiestaware bowl, with a perfect rim, nesting in your set. Priced well.

If you're looking for the harder to find large sized Fiesta nesting bowls in fabulous condition, then this bowl fits the bill. There are a couple aged glaze pops on the inside, off to the side and inconspicuous, very minor because the great expanse of the rest of the inside of the large number six is smooth and clean, without scratches, wear or use. The rim has a few marks in the glaze, factory glaze issue that you see in ivory and red sometimes, looks like rust spots, again, this occupies a 1/30th area of the side of the rim the thickness of a pencil line. I just want you to know that there is this light brown thin line on the edge of a small part of the rim that I have tried gently to remove, but am thinking it is under the glaze. But if you're like me and are happy to find nearly factory mint #6 fiesta bowls for 30% below book price then this is a great deal. I'm overly critical and am sure this is still a great find and price.

Here's a gorgeous, shiny, large, number 6 yellow vintage fiestaware nesting bowl in nearly unused condition. Super shine, no inside scratches, use or silver marks. No crazing and a great even, smooth glaze. Has the slightest 1/16" rub on the outer edge of the rim, which is not seen when nesting and is very minor. A very small ding on the underside bottom edge where the bowl sits and isn't seen. Has a few factory sand bumps on the inside. Very minor and hard to find shiny yellow make this a spectacular bowl. Priced right and a great deal. I'm sure you'll love this scratch free and great even glazed, large yellow bowl.

At nearly 10" wide and a top circumfrance of nearly 30", a red number six just radiates fabulous color. You will love this bowl offred at a great price. It has two small dings measuring 3/32" and 1/16", very minor and shallow. It displays perfectly in the nest and these two very minor flaws do not show. What you are left with is a fabulous expanse of vintage red. With the lack of access to Uranium during World War II, Homer Laughlin had to temporarily cease production of the Vintage Fiesta Red Glaze. It was already more expensive to produce, and to purchase. Red is simply harder to find than any of its five original sibling colors. I am always extremely happy to find large red Fiesta bowls. This one has a great glaze and no scratches or signs of abuse. Priced right and hard to find.


Here's a rare, hard to find, beauty to be proud of. This is a fantastic bowl. Really hard to find the ivory #7 in this kind of condition. There are a few light uses on the bottom, but very minor. There are no silver marks on the inside, very nice and clean. The rim is smooth inside and out all around to the touch. There are a few sand bumps or glaze pops, but only a few and very minor. The glaze is nice and even with no misses and has good color. Again, the inside is very clean and this bowl should be appreciated by the most advanced collector.

Here's the king daddy of them all, the largest vintage fiestaware nesting bowl in the hard to find red glaze. This bowl exhibits virtually no wear. Inside is nice and shiny with only a few light scratches. There are a few scattered less than pin sized rough spots on the inside of the rim, probably from being taken in and out of the nest over the years. Nothing that shows when nested, so it displays flawlessly. No glaze irregularities, just a super glaze inside and out. Rings like a bell, no chips or cracks. If you like the show stopper, than this #7 in red is for you.

If you like your bowls chip free - here you have one. A gorgeous, bright yellow vintage fiesta nesting bowl in the largest of sizes, with the early 1937 bottom rings, without a chip on the rim, without any scratches or repairs. It has some use on the inside bottom in the very middle only, no damage to the rims, and a few glaze pops on the inside bottom, but those are the only minor apologies in this rare and hard to find yellow #7. For 1937, and #7, and great yellow glaze, you will be extremely proud to finish off your set with this one.

Another spectacular cobalt #7 fiesta nesting bowl. Nearly unused looking, super shiny with no chips, cracks, barely a scratch and a great even glaze. Only thing to note are two small glaze misses on the underside of the rim, simply under the lip of the bowl, so they don't show nested or on display alone, very, very minor factory skips that are small and insignificant. This bowl was obviously well cared for and barely used at all. It retains great shine inside and out with no use and no damage at all. Can't love this bowl enough.


Here's a nice early bowl from the mid-30s that was gently used. It has very minor wear on the inside and one small pinhead sized nic to the rim. I hope you understand that these #7 bowls are gigantic and rare. They were not made in great quanities like the smaller bowls and especially the early versions with bottom rings. That's why $395 is just a great price to find an early vintage fiestaware nesting bowl - especially in nice condition like this one. I'm sure you'll be happy with this bowl. It has great shine and nice even glaze.

If your on a budget here's a great bowl to consider. It's nearly mint from the factory- it doesn't even have a scratch and it's a great huge old bowl. It even has the highly unique double embossed mark and ink stamp. It has glaze flaws, mottling on one side and uneven colors. You can get a very excellent display with it and it looks like a $650, but here's a chance to take advantage of my overly demanding standards. I've cut the price of this one 40%! Priced Right! A great bowl for those on a budget.







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