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Vintage Fiesta Sweets Comport

Vintage Fiesta sweets Comport

The vintage fiesta sweets comport has soared in popularity with contemporary collectors. The small little dish atop a long conical base was designed to serve up a little tray of candies. Occassionally one will find marked versions of the comport with a simply, and usually smeared, HLCO glaze stamp hapharzardly applied inside the bottom cone stand. It is speculated that this stamp was included only because of export regulations, but we don't really know. Since the bowls we too small to get much abuse in the kitchen they are usually found in good condition, but you do see a handful with inside scratches that we can only assume saw rings or keys or coins dropped casually inside them. Nonetheless the sweets comport is a charming piece that has captured the hearts of today's collectors.


3 1/2" tall x 5 1/8" wide


The 12" comport is one of the few pieces that did not include an in the mold mark, so it is not uncommon to find them unmarked (after all it did take extra time to use the glaze dipped stamp), if the time was taken to mark the piece it will be with the glaze stamp "GENUINE fiesta HLCo USA"

Years of production

Circa 1936-1946: Made in the first six original colors only. Red discontinued by the end of 1942. Unmarked except for the ocassional HLCo glaze stamp.

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