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There are eleven vintage Colorsin the original Fiesta ware line designed by Frederic Rhead. The original lineup included Red (the orange one), Cobalt (the blue one,originaly titled Blue), Ivory, Green (sometimes now referred to as "Light Green", or "Original Green), Yellow, and last but not least Turquoise, which was a late addition nearly a year after the first five hit the scene.

Red had to serve the war effort and was called upon in 1943 to sacrifice its Uranium content for the cause. For sixteen years the Fiesta pottery line had to be without it's vibrant orange.

The fabulous 50s were alive with color, showcasing Forest Green (dark green), the lovely Chartruese (reintroduced in a strikingly similar tone in the 90s), Rose (a dusty version of a contemporary look alike), Gray and Medium Green (the dinnerware's last thinning ten years).

Fiestaware Greens Medium GreenNew collectors often have trouble correctly identifying the four shades of vintage greens. The bulk of the confusion surrounds distinguising original green from the rarer late 50s medium green. Heavy application of original green, or a light application of medium green aggravate the problem. Two popular anachronisms that seem to help with clarification are referring to medium green as "John Deere tractor green" and "Tic-Tac green."


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