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Vintage Fiesta Disk Water Pitcher

The Fiesta Disk Water Pitcher comfortably holds eight cups of water (9 is a squeeze). It stands approximately 7 1/4" high and 9" wide.

Homer Laughlin is still making water pitchers with the very same molds designed by Frederic Rhead in the 1930s so you must know the colors, the marks, and the difference between the two bodies. The flatness of the top inside back is a simple and fool proof way to seperate the old from the new. (The flatness of the joined handle on the inside of the pot, as shown in the fourth picture above, is noticably different than the indented hole found currently).


1. If there is a raised letter "H" on the bottom it is new, but the absence of the raised H doesn't mean it is positively pre-1986. HLCo added the raised H after reintroduction when grey came out and was so similar to the vintage grey. So your water pitcher could be from 1986 and not have a raised H on the bottom.

2. If there is a dimple on the inside of the pitcher, where the handle top joins the body of the pitcher, then your pitcher is post-1986 and not vintage. This is the purest and simplest physical way to tell. Originally the handles were applied by hand, so the inside would be smoothed down by hand (you'll notice variation in this spot on the old pitchers from different potters techniques).After reintroduction the handle was attatched differently and there is now a manufactured "dimple" on the inside body. You can begin to put your pinky inside this "hole". See the above photo of the insides of the red water and yellow juice pitchers for an example of the smooth, hand sanded insides. The original two part mold left a visual seam down the center of the pot. This seam had to be rubbed down with a wet sponge, this explains why the seam can be either virtually invisible or very pronounced. (See photo 4 above)

3. I have found that only the old pieces have a small set of one or two numbers stamped randomly on the bases of some pieces (but certainly not all). This was a quality controllers i.d. number- a method no longer employed at HLCo. So if your pitcher (or any piece) has a small one or two digit number stamped into its base then it is invariably vintage. (See photo 2 above)

4. Color- Know Your Colors. The vintage glazes were much different than those being used today. The old colors are much more opaque and become dense and solid, but the new glazes have a transluceny to them that thins them out over edges and across ridges. This is readily apparent in the new cobalt and persimmon (which can be mistaken for vintage red).

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