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A picture is worth a thousand words and it is from looking at vintage fiesta pottery that we learn so much. Here you will find photographs and information on each piece from the original fiesta dinnerware line arranged from A-Z. Since fiesta pottery's introduction in 1936, it's roaring success in the late 40s, and especially today as the worlds most collected tableware, the fiesta pottery line mesmerizes us with its vibrant colors and spectacular glazes dipped over hand worked pieces of exquisite design.

Fiesta Ashtray
Vintage Fiestaware Ashtray
Fiesta Bowl: Covered Soup
Vintage Fiestaware Covered Onion Soup Bowl
Fiesta Bowl: Cream Soup
vintage fiesta cream soup bowls | genuine fiestaware | all colors | antique | old | original
Fiesta Bowl: Dessert
Vintage Fiestaware Dessert Bowls
Fiesta Footed Salad Bowl
Vintage Fiestaware Footed Salad Bowl
Fiesta Fruit Bowl 11 3/4"
fiesta 11 3/4" fruit bowl | original, vintage, old, antique fiestaware rare hard to find
Fiesta Bowl: Fruit 4 3/4"
Fiesta Fruit Bowl
  Fiesta Bowl: Fruit 5 1/2 "
Fiesta Fruit Bowl 5 1/2
  Fiesta Bowl: Individual Salad
fiestaware medium green individual salad bowl
Fiesta Lid: Mixing Bowl » Fiestaware Mixing Bowl Lid | Rare Fiesta Pottery   Fiesta Bowls: Mixing Set
Radioactive Red Fiesta Nesting Bowl Set
  Fiesta Bowls: Mixing Set
Number Two Fiesta Mixing Bowls
Fiesta Bowl: Mixing #6
Radioactive Red Fiestaware
  Fiesta Bowl: Mixing #7
Number Seven Fiesta Mixing Bowls
  Fiesta Bowl: Nappy (8 1/2")
fiesta 8.5" nappy bowl | vintage fiestaware cobalt old genuine antique
Fiesta Bowl: Nappy (9 1/2")
fiesta 8.5
  Fiesta Bowl: Unlisted Salad » Unlisted Promotional Item Fiesta Salad Bowl Rare Vintage Fiestaware   Fiesta Candle Holders: Bulb » Vintage Fiesta Bulb Candle Holders | Fiestaware, Old, Original, Genuine, Authentic
Fiesta Candle Holders: Tripod » tripod candle holders - rare - vintage - fiestaware - original turquoise   Fiesta Carafe » Vintage Fiesta Carafe | Fiestaware Pottery | Original Colors   Fiesta Casserole » Medium Green Fiesta Covered Casserole | Vintage Fiestaware Pottery | Authenic Genuine Old Antique
Fiesta Coffeepot » Genuine Fiesta Vintage Fiestaware Cobalt Coffeepot   Fiesta Coffeepot: Demitasse » Fiesta After Dinner Demitasse CoffeePot | Fiestaware Chocolate Pot

  Fiesta Comport: 12" » vintage fiesta original cobalt 12" comport vintage fiestaware
Fiesta Comport: Sweets » vintage fiestaware sweets comport | genuine fiestaware | vintage, antique, old, original colors   Fiesta Creamer: Ring Handle » vintage fiesta creamer   Fiesta Creamer: Individual » rare red radioactive red individual creamer
Fiesta Creamer: Stick Handle » Light Green Stick Handled Fiesta Creamer   Fiesta Cup: Demitasse » Vintage Fiesta Demitasse Cups and Saucers   Fiesta Cup: Egg » Vintage Fiesta Egg Cup: Fiestaware 50s Colors Rare
Fiesta Marmalade » rare red radioactive marmalade fiesta fiestaware   Fiesta Mug: Tom & Jerry » Medium Green Vintage Fiesta Tom and Jerry Mug   Fiesta Mustard » Vintage Fiesta Mustard
Fiesta Pitcher: Disk Juice » red fiesta water pitcher   Fiesta Pitcher | Jug: Disk Water » Medium Green Fiesta Water Pitcher Original Fiestaware Vintage Pottery    
Fiesta Pitcher: Ice Lip » Vintage Fiestaware Ice Lip Pitcher Original Yellow | Authentic, Genuine Fiesta Pottery   Fiesta Pitcher: Jug-2 pint » Vintage Fiestaware Original Colors 2 Pint Jugs   Fiesta Plate: Cake » Fiesta Cake Plate: Vintage Fiestaware Rare Genuine Old Antique Cobalt Kitchen Kraft
Fiesta Plate:
Chop 15"  » Radioactive red vintage fiesta old original genuine fiestaware platter
  Fiesta Plate:
Chop 13" » Chartreuse Fiesta Chop Plate 50s Vintage Fiestaware Original Authentic Antique Old Pottery
  Fiesta Plates:
Divided 12" Compartment » Rare First Discontinued Fiestaware Piece: Radioactive Red 12" Divided Plate
Fiesta Plates:
Divided 10" Compartment  » Fiesta 10 1/2" Compartment Plate | Divided Grill Plate | Fiestaware | Old Antique Original Forest Green 50s Color
  Fiesta Plate:
Deep » Medium Green Fiesta Deep Plate | Fiestaware Vintage Rare  Color
  Fiesta Plate:
6" Bread & Butter » Fiesta Vintage Fiestaware 50s Colors Plates Full Sets: Chartruese, Rose, Forest Green
Fiesta Plate:
7" Cake/Salad »
  Fiesta Plate:
9" Luncheon » Medium Green Fiestaware | Vintage Fiesta Pottery | Genuine, Authentic, Antique, Old
  Fiesta Plate:
10" Dinner » Medium Green Fiestaware | Vintage Fiesta Pottery | Genuine, Authentic, Antique, Old
Fiesta Platter: Oval » Chartruese Fiesta Vintage Fiestaware Platter Rare 50s Colors   Fiesta S&P Shakers » Radioactive Red Uranium Fiestaware Vintage Fiesta Salt Pepper Shakers   Fiesta Sauce Boat » medium green fiesta vintage fiestaware sauce boat
Fiesta Saucer: Demitasse » Vintage Fiesta Demitasse Cups and Saucers   Fiesta Sugar Bowl w/ Lid » fiesta sugar bowl red   Fiesta Sugar Bowl: Individual » vintage fiesta yellow individual sugar bowl
Fiesta Syrup: Dripcut » Rare Fiesta Syrup: Original Fiestaware Antique Old Authentic Turquoise Drip Cut Lid   Fiesta Teacup » Cup and Saucer (orange)   Fiesta Teapot: Large » Vintage Antique Fiestaware Large Green Teapot
Fiesta Teapot: Medium » Medium Green Fiesta Vintage Fiestaware Medium Teapot   Fiesta Tray: Figure 8 » Rare Fiesta | Figure 8 Tray | Old Original Vintage Fiestaware Color Cobalt   Fiesta Tray: Relish » Fiesta Relish Tray | Vintage Fiestaware Relish Tray \ Lazy Susan | authentic, genuine, old pottery
Fiesta Tray: Relish Inserts » Fiesta Relish Tray Inserts | Fiestaware Original Colors Lazy Susan   Fiesta Tray: Relish Center » vintage original fiesta relish tray center inserts fiestaware   Fiesta Tray: Utility »
Fiesta Tumbler: Juice » Vintage Fiesta Juice Tumblers: Promotional Item: Rare, authentic, genuine, old fiesta in original colors   Fiesta Tumbler: Water » Vintage Fiesta Juice Tumblers: Promotional Item: Rare, authentic, genuine, old fiesta in original colors   Fiesta Vase: Bud » Fiestaware Vintage Bud Vases in Original Colors Authentic, Genuine Fiestaware Pottery
Fiesta Vase 8" » Radioactive Red Rare Fiesta Vintage Vase   Fiesta Vase 10 " » Radioactive Red Fiesta Fiestaware pottery vase antique old genuine   Fiesta Vase 12" » Vintage Fiesta Ivory 12" Vase | Original, Authentic, Genuine, Old Fiestaware Pottery
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