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Vintage Fiesta Vase: 8"

Fiesta Vases came in three sizes: 8" (shown here), 10" and 12". The 8" vase was made for about 10 years. The 10"and 12" were made for only 6 years and are, of course, much more uncommon. This really is Fiesta at its finest. This one in red is as perfect as Fiesta comes. Again though, this is a piece that is being reproduced in exactly the sameo original molds, so you must know your colors and your marks. Sometimes the new ones will have a raised letter "H" on the bottom - very helpfull. Also, the new vases are slightly shorter than the originals - so if your vase is 9 3/4" cobalt - chances are it is new and not old. Color is the key though, and once you see new colors next to old there shouldn't be any comparison. New colors are much more transparent and less solid and opaque than the originals.

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