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FIESTA BOWL: Fiesta Nesting Mixing Bowl | Number 7

fiesta mixing bowl number7

Number 7 of 7

Originally produced in all six original colors, during the Fall of 1942 each size would be offered in only one color: #7 cobalt, #6 turuqoise, #5 yellow, #4 ivory, #3 green, #2 yellow and #1 red. By the spring of 1944 they were discontinued.

Inside bottom rings date the bowl to early 1938, and will be marked "HLC USA", later bowls will be smooth on the inside bottom and marked "Fiesta/MADE IN USA".

10 15/16" w x 7 1/8" tall

In the mold mark or Inkstamp , numbered on bottom

Years of production:
1936 - 1944 (bottom rings until 1938)

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